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Beckman LS Guide

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My Beckman Coulter LS6500 CRT monitor is dead? Is there a replacement available?

Service AI

Yes, there is a replacement available, and a good one too!

A Wyse Winterm terminal module that is configured to work with Beckman Coulter LS6500 liquid scintillation counters is the perfect replacement for old and obsolete CRT monitors that normally come with the LS6500. A fully tested plug and play module configured to work with all Beckman Coulter LS6500, and also guaranteed to work on Beckman LS6000 with serial number 7064XXXX or higher, is available at Service AI. The Wyse module comes with a power supply adapter and a cable to connect with the LS6500.

Installation tips: The Wyse module configured for Beckman Coulter LS6500 is a plug and play device. You will remove your existing CRT monitor and connect the Wyse Winterm module to the same CRT 25 pin port of the LS using the 25/9 pin cable that ships with the Wyse module. You additionally will have to connect any LCD flat screen monitor available with you to the Wyse module using a standard VGA cable.

After the physical connections are done, it will be important to note that the Wyse Winterm should be powered on (using the power adapter that also ships with it) when the LS-6500 is powered on and booting up - just like how it worked when you had the CRT terminal connected to the LS6500.

How can I get rid of my dot matrix printer on the Beckman LS6500?

Service AI

The good news is YES, there is a solution!

One can connect the Beckman LS6500 (and/or an LS6000 with Serial# 7064XXXX or higher) to a Windows 10 or Windows 7 OS computer pre-loaded with data Beckman LS capture software. The data-capture software will allow storage of customer data directly to the computer hard disk. If the computer is networked, one can then access their data on a networked computer easily.

If a Beckman LS6500 user would like to completely get rid of the dot matrix printer, they can connect the LS counter to a computer with data capture software (, and then plug in a printer hardware emulator into the printer port in order to get rid of the dot matrix printer.

Important Note: The only caveat in removing the dot matrix printer altogether from the LS counter is that the Data Capture software only transfers user data to the computer. It does not transfer calibration data to the computer. Most customers anyway do not need this calibration data. Therefore, getting rid of the dot matrix printer is a possibility. Another advantage of using data capture software with the Beckman LS is that the user can collect and save all the data on to the computer hard disk, and take printouts on a printer that is networked or connected to this computer whenever they want to get a hard copy.

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